Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Birthday My Fairy Princess

   Ayra has demanded a princess birthday party which I was a bit reluctant to honour.... bukan ape bibik is still on holiday.... cooking and taking care of Aiz at the same time is really challenging ape lagi nak masak untuk ramai orang... ye lah what a party without friends and family. So I have been refusing and offering her other type of parties for example a cinema party ... bowling party.... even Macdonald party.... janji tak buat kat rumah.... heheh .. dasar malas nak mengemas ..

  Naaz Dhia had had a princess party when she was eight so it must be because of that, Ayra wants her own princess party. Akhirnya mama mengalah .... berkorban memenuhi kehendak anak-anak..... and Mr H agreed.

  So the decision was obviously a last minute.... a simple party with cousins, aunties and uncles.... nasib baik Mr H ramai adik beradik coz mine, both sisters could not make it for they were at kg and my brother had other commitment. The shopping was also a last minute shopping... and we could not manage to buy her a crown as per her wishes.... therefore the butterfly headband  hopefully will do.... pas tu pujuklah... instead of princess... jadilah fairy princess... and the whole day, the aunties menyakat panggil  'ibu peri'.....hehehe

Nasr Ayra is 6 years old now  (14.12.2005)
For the cake.... mana sempat nak tempah... sume beli yang instance.... since dia nak yang ade patung atas kek... terpaksalah mama beli patung kat kedai  lain untuk top up... coz kat kedai tu tak de jual kek with patung..... it was a pass however.... phewww

The Cake

Another cake sponsored by Uda and Mak Uda

The singing and candle blowing

The food
The door gift

the pianist
The setting area
The fairies

The entertainers

The Guest.... which mostly kerinting and botak.... heheh
Everything went well.... and surprisingly the satisfaction overtaken the exhaustion. Happy birthday dear daughter, hope you'll be happy , healthy and blessed.  Thank you all for coming and celebrate this with us....

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Upin Ipin at Museum Negara

Posing depan pintu masuk...
Actually we promised to bring the kids to the Museum like last year, but until now baru berpeluang.... last time I went there lebih kurang baya-baya dia orang juga.... ohhh it was so long ago.... yang I ingat cuma bentuk bangunan depan... yang lain-lain mana nak hingat lagi daaa....Tapi Mr H yang juga visited when he was 12 can remember pokok duit yang kat Museum tu..... rasa macam I lebih tua dari dia pulak... amazingkan

This kid tersenyum excited sebab mama dia tekun meniup buih- buih sabun yang kena paksa beli oleh kakaknya.... walaupun tengah orang ramai.... tetap tekun meniup tanpa malu.... errmm tapi tak nampak pulak buih tu dalam gambar ni...

mama please jangan samakan muka bulat saya dengan budak kembar lelaki atas pentas tuuu
Its happened that during our visit, there was an exhibition on Upin Ipin production and they did some activities at the entrance. The kids except for anak bujang mama were all excited especially Daneen..... she wanted to participate in the games but sorry darling... you are too young. Naaz Dhia however managed to answer one of the questions asked by the moderator ... and got a pin as a token.

Sorilah abang  Ipin..... saya tak leh bagi rambut saya ni.... nanti papa mengamuk....

The exhibition is from 1st Nov till 31st Dec2011. The fee is RM12 for adult and RM6 for children. Sesape yang nak pegi sempatlah lagi ni. However due to limited time, we chose to go to the normal exhibition because that was our main purpose, just to expose the children to history by visualising the real things rather than pictures. For this, they only charged RM2 for adult and free for children.... berbaloi sangat tuuu.  Anak bujang mama dah 13 tahun.... dah kira adult. We hope that you kids learn something today and view history  as interesting......

Lawatan sambil belajar.....

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pizza at Hulu Langat

Eating out especially with bibik not around is a must on weekend, after a tiring spring cleaning ( exaggerate a bit larr)... ngehngeh. Masalahnye macam dah takde tempat nak tuju... yang sedap dan dekat...(yang murah as well... hehe). Suddenly 'POP'... I saw a pizza place kat Hulu Langat during my business visit.... ermm nak recommend kat Mr H (hubby)... suspense juga sebab bab-bab jalan ni adalah buta huruf sikit.... somehow we managed to lacate the shop... it is just before Dusun Nanding... The shop is easy to spot actually, it is a building by itself, gated and at the back may be is the owner house. No other customer when we arrived... adakah tak sedap kedai niii?.... mulalah suspense takut Mr H mengomel....huhuhu

seriusnye anak mama.... lapar ke?

So inilah menunya....Opps nama kedai ni Pizza & Pasta..... ade lagi sambungan tapi tak hingatla... almaklum sebelum berblog ni ade makcik peduli nak snap gambar bagai.... tak pe lepas ni try to improve ya.... So the pasta price is in the range of RM9 -RM 11. But pizza starts from RM9(small) to RM 20++(large).

The most expensive dish here is Lamb shank... Mr H yang order ni... tapi sume merasa.... he said its a bit dry.... for me its ok.

The medium size pizza....we ordered 2 medium pizzas and one large, normally the kid only goes for pepperoni or the simple cheese only....dia org memang kurang adventure sikit bab makan ni...Tapi bab kata owner of the shop, all pizza here is original... taste like in Italy.... the children love the pizzas

The chicken lagsana
Yummy tiramisu which cost RM8

The happy kid with wet t-shirt... dia ni memang macam ni.... baju habis basah all the times.... entah ape yang mama teringin sangat nak makan... sampai air liur awak tak benti meleleh... yg sure berat mama tak turun-turun nihhh...  Perasan tak mat salleh Italy yang dok belakang Aiz, itulah owner kedai ni. Dia ni muslim , datang malaysia sebab ikut anak dia yang kawin dengan org Malaysia, pas tu terus buat bisness kat sini... katanya dah ade 2 cawangan satu lagi kat Damansara kalo tak silap...

 Tapi drinks tak banyak choice and sume harga RM3 which is expensivelah kalau untuk teh o panas........

Conclusion : Pass and recommended.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

End of School Session 2011

Naaz Dhia was finally holding her first trophy, she long for so long... is not that she did not achieve anything before, it just that the present is not a trophy... why she wants it badly? it is because Rizq and Ayra are collecting them, Rizq got it from sport activities and Ayra for getting first in class most of the time. The overconfident Dhia who always said everything is "senang kacang" mana boleh orang lain lebih dari dia..... hehe , keep up the fighting spirit dear... but in positive way....

This little lady 'graduated' from kindergarten and soon will be in standard one.....Hemmm and sekolah ugama lagi... hopefully you can cope... may be she needs to give up sucking milk from bottle soon....hihi

And this little fellow will be sent to nursery and mama will be misery .... but what to do darling..... bibik is off for a month... dia sudah kangen bangat ama lakinya....Please baby don't do this action at the is the only nursery in this neighbourhood!

Mama hope both of you are okay at the new place.... surrounded by strangers.... but Daneen do not want to share stories with mama.... for she only talk a little... hope you be good and able to console your little brother who definitely will feel miserable away from home.... and hopefully soon we will be able to chat more..... with more words and longer other kids at your age.....

On the way to nursery......

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