Friday, 23 March 2012

Food heaven in Kota Bharu

Usually when we are at kampung, we hardly eat out, as mum's cooking is something that we crave for. Since my father was warded at Kota Bharu, we had no choice but to eat out, and the fact that it has been long since we dare to face the bad traffic in Kota Bharu ( especially during school break), we were so thrilled by the choice of food its offered. With my father who at that time was recovering and after few days of not eating, wanted some food that excite him. Let see some of the food that we discovered during our stay

the stall exist since I was young... now operated by the son  

The famous CPT( cendol pulut tapai) , the stall located near stadium and Perdana hospital.

you cannot find this at any pasar malam in KL

This is dried squid , roasted and rolled by hand in a mini machine. Eat with a special sauce.... one of my favourite snack.

Opps this is not from J.Co or Big Apple okay.... this is from Muhibbah Bakery and its taste 97% the same as the other two, and if you buy a dozen , it will only cost you RM17 . If not, a piece will cost you RM1.80.

in kelantan we call this taxi

The above is not food okay... it just something that hardly seen in any other state except Melaka... in Melaka however it is more of tourist activities but in Kelantan it is still used as another mode of transportation.

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