Monday, 12 March 2012

Tok Ki's and Tok Ma's pets

If you are excited, you will not feel tired.... if you are bored, even not doing anything.... you will feel tired.That is the fact, so the kids were all excited once arrived at their grandparents' home, except for my eldest son who normally acting as my part time bibik during long distance journey (tq darling, for helping mama,  even sometimes you also 'mabok jalan ' like her).

lompat sana... lompat sini...

Why... besides the love they have for Tok Ki and Tok Ma.... there were so much to see there..   lets explore the pets

Ayam belanda Tok Ki

Ayam... err burung merak Tok Ki

Ayam sumatera Tok Ki

Ayam api  Tok Ki

Ayam serama Tok Ki

Ayam Israel Tok Ki

Ayam hiasan Tok Ma .... hehehe
And we also went to 'Kandang rusa Tok Ki'...

Ehh where are they? 

from afar....
The deer is like me.... very shy.....hihihi...

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