Sunday, 26 February 2012

Muslim Chinese Restaurant, Mohd Chan @ Bangi

Mr H and I have fancied to eat Dim Sum one day and we went to this place for we wanted to eat a chinese cuisine made by chinese people... barulah original.

Haa besar lambang halal tuu....
The location of the shop is at section 7, Bangi. You may notice in the above photo, there were dim sum and pau big steamers at the entrance. The dim sum price was RM3.80 per plate and they had 3 tiny dim sums in each plate.... for me the taste was really delicious.

Mushroom, vegetable and chicken dim sums

We also ordered chicken rice and wantan mee. Naaz finished off the whole plate of chicken rice all by herself. However the wantan mee sauce was too heavy for my taste.

Hokk aloh... tak dan nak rasa dah habis!

hite le'ge kuahnya.... kalau kurang pekat... lagi sedap.

They also have other menu which  they hung the big picture of the menu on the wall.... very interesting...

Boleh kecur air liur tengok big menu ni....

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