Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Take a break - Part 5

Well ok... I think its time to teach the kids a little bit about.... life... I mean sex education that I dread so much.The reason is because of the TV shows nowadays are so open when showing the kissing and touching parts that I'm afraid the kids will get wrong ideas about it.

Parents: try to use simple language when explaining things to kids

The conversation was more or less like this ;

Mum : You know... you are not allowed to kiss and touch unless you are married

Kids : Why?

Parents: 'Why' is a common question, so be prepared

Mum: Errr...

Mum : Because by doing that you might end up pregnant and you will give birth to a baby ( may be it is good to scare them a little to protect them ... yes!). You don't want to have and care for a baby all by yourself right.

Naaz Dhia : So you and papa have married 5 times, am I right?...( I have 5 kids, remember..... )


Dear Dhia.... mama never counts how many times mama and papa  have married to have you and 4 others.... hahaha
Parents: May be better leave this area to professional..... arrrgh help....

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