Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mee Tarik warisan Asli@Sungai Besi

Other people busy with cooking for berbuka and sahur... bloger2 also updated their juadah berbuka... me... so far, lauk dan kuih tunjuk-tunjuk je...muahahah.... I am the Lazy Chef ...

Just before Ramadhan we had our lunch here... whoever wanted to experience different taste bolehlah datang sini.. it is located at the new business area.

Klasik je nama restoran ni
This is another chinese muslim restoran and its specialty is the mee tarik... manual,pakai tangan ... jarang boleh tengok orang buat mee cara tradisional... but here you can watch how the food is prepared...

Cooking showcase...
The price for set of food is quite reasonable but if you order separately for lauk and nasi for example, it would be quite pricey. However our favorite dim sum is not available here.... tajuk kedai pun mee tarik... lagi mau minta dim sum...apa daa..

So we ordered... of course lah mee tarik... fried one for Mr H and soup for me.

Mr H also ordered herbal tea

Mee tarik with soup
The soup was quite plain to my taste...I preferred the fried one... it has unique taste. They have varieties of menu to choose from..

big menu...
Somehow this is the second chinese muslim restaurant that hang big menu on the wall...may be its their tradition as well.

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