Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Unexpected questions....unexpected answers

I  enjoy cooking with my kids
Really enjoy it especially when they are taller than me..
They sudah besar
The other weekend morning 
I manja-manja with my anak bujang
Asked him to make us waffle for breakfast

Then we Borak-borak
While we masak-masak

Rizq : why a small bottle of baking powder is more expensive than a big packet of flour?
Mama : small thing is normally expensive.... like jewellery... small but expensive ( thinking of cheap kedai emas at kuala pilah... emas cheap now still cannot shopping-shopping... huhu)

What did I cook? Of course something more complicated that waffle...

Susah tu goreng ni... ngehngeh. 

Rizq : Every morning, a lot of semut  mati on our kitchen's floor,
Why they died mum? Ada apa on the floor that makes them died?
Mama: they mati because.... errr sudah sampai ajal.

When he speaking london... he calls me mum...
And when Daneen speaking london...she calls me mummy
Kind of cute... hehehe.

Sometimes when you are having food, you think of what to cook/eat next.

Mama: hermmm.... nak makan apa malam ni?
Daneen : Makan makananlah...

Sometimes when you really crack your mind...

You managed to cook something so delicious like this lasagna and Dhia said, mama you are a good cook, it tastes better than food at restaurant....but  your nasi goreng tak boleh lawan nasi goreng indon...

I think that is not fair...
1. how could she compared nasi goreng with lasagna? Thats comparing apple to pineapple. 
2. I never cooked nasi goreng indon... why should I, when there is an indon in the house?(i. e.. tak berani )
3. She was comparing my nasi goreng cina or nasi goreng kampung with nasi goreng taruk kicap(i. e nasi goreng indon)... thats comparing Washington apple to Fuji apple.

Ayra came to me one night crying...

Mama: why are you crying? 
Ayra: Daneen pijak kaki Ayra
Mama: Daneen,  why pijak kaki Ayra? 
Daneen: Daneen pijak perlahan-lahan....
you should hear when she use soft tone to describe how soft she pijakk kaki Ayra... adoiii I gelak guling-guling... errr sorry Ayra. 

Itulah cerita hari-hari semasa cuti sekolah ... sekarang...sekolah pun dah mula balik... 

Its not their first day to school so I don't have many photos

Just this one to show the birthday gift she's got from KFC... very berguna...jimat duit I...hehe.

And this one because it's her new uniform... year 3 this year and jadi prefect. She was complaining... sangat panas... and I cakap ... itu belum pakai vest lagi. Dhia also kena pakai kemeja and vest, new uniform for pengawas pusat sumber... also complains sangat panas at school

So kesian they both... I just don't understand why school in hot weather country like Malaysia must wear uniform macam negara sejuk... can't think of any logic anwers... I didn't ask though... afraid that I will get unexpected answer....like kalau tak suka ini uniform... boleh pindah sekolah atau pindah terus duduk luar negara... haiyoo...hehehe.

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