Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Janam janam ... janam...

A lot of menus to pleasure 
So many places to explore
Too many tasks to endeavour 
Always ...never enough hours.

The old same place,
Different new angle.

Space is not wasted,
Never ever get bored.

Same request 
Seasoned with loves...

Was once ordinary 
Now is luxury

As the kids get taller,
The trees are even taller
As we get older
Our elders are older

So love each other forever
Don't ever get distant

Flying high but always remember
The ground once you stand 

Janam janam janam...
Count the rainbows not the storms
Cherish what we have before it's gone

Looking at the picture...
Where is the beauty?
The background or the lady

If you can't decide..
It is because...
beauty is everywhere.
be grateful... be humble.

What were you looking?
Smiling like that?

A rare joyful scene... hapiness
That bring back memories

That was our happy memories of our kampung... least expected shortly after that ....

We had to return there....
after receiving sad news.
My mom's only sister, had passed away.
30 years after her.

The journey we took that day 
may seem the same for these two... 
Forgotten as they grow ... 

As the family grow bigger
the closer became distant... 
the distant became closer
time is never enough.. life is forever short.


1 comment:

  1. yg tak pakai spender tu tak takut kena sudu dgn angsa ke??!!! hahaha


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