Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Natasya Resort Cameron Highland

 Dah tiba masanya untuk balik ke KL!:-( , this time we chose to go back to KL via Gua Musang because to pay a visit to my late auntie's family who passed away just recently. So after about an hour at their place, we made a move.

We wanted to eat nasi kukus at a restaurant at Gua Musang town( i forgot the name) since a friend recommended it to us, unfortunately the restaurant was closed that day due to hari raya. So ronda-ronda jumpa this restaurant which only serve all type of mee.... Mee rebus was nice but their mee goreng was marvellous, banyak betul lauknya, one plate only cost RM5.
Mee rebus untuk dua orang.... tapi dah tinggal separuh

Arrrgh laparnye tgk gambar ni... 

The traffic was really bad approaching Gua Musang, we guest it will took us forever to reach KL. To avoid the traffic we turned to Cameron from Gua Musang. The journey was smooth and the road was not bad, tak lah bengkang bengkok mana. We had stayed in Natasya Resort before and quite satisfied with the resort comparing to the price. For a weekdays, an aprtment with one room only cost RM169 per nite, they have one large sofa bed in the living room to occupy the 4  children. Yelah Cameron kan sejuk... so tak pe tidur rapat-rapat.... barulah hangat... :-)

the room... for mummy and daddy .... and Aiz

Enough for everyone...

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