Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cyber Cafe@ home

let happiness surrounding us no matter what day it is
A bright morning and my salam to everyone

Ingat tak pasal kids helped me painting the wall?
They did it all by themselves.... saya tak pegang berus pun!
cuma afterward I cleaned and mopped the floor.
Thank you darlings.

Lepas dah habis cat... I just deco sikit-sikit
I asked Mr H to bring up our white table kat anjung

Now ade chance nak beli proper outdoor dining table ... yeay!!
Tapi tak tahu bila... tak pe, keep on surveying and dreaming.

What's inside the box? Barang2 audio Mr H... herm entah elok lagi ke idak?... biasa zaman 90an pergi UK... semua pakat dok nak beli benda alah tu kan... hehe.

I moved this chest here... and framed Daneen's drawings...senget benget... malas nak tunggu Mr H buat...

And this pokok tak real ... menyerikan ruang, so hope can divert the sight from senget benget frames on the wall.

And leave this space lapang...

Untuk kita pray together...

Or do aerobic retro ultraman style...

These two are this cyber cafe regular customers....they eat snack at this cafe too.... so better make this space easy to clean one. Chow now... the ultraman saga is about to start and another barbie cake deco to watch.... never boredlah they all watch the same things everyday. 

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