Friday, 22 November 2013

Eh eh...

Eh eh what is that ?
It is siput babi
Why people call siput babi, it does not look like babi pun?
Errr guess pak tani kalau nampak ni,semua marah and said 
"Apa! Siput.... babi!!.."
So lekat nama siput babi.... huhuhu ( cerita rekaan semata hehe)

Eh eh what is that?

It's a cat
Meow meow
It's not a lion
So you can come closer

Eh eh can touch la
Eh eh so soft

Eh eh what are you cooking mama?

Something to eat with the roti burger...
Coz the kedai run out of  daging burger ramly

Eh eh what is that?
 why all the letters were in the bowl?

Oh oo leftover chicken  now became pasta cream soup.

Always recycle lah..

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