Friday, 15 May 2015

A party for a lady...


Birthday story... asyik berulang-ulang...jangan boring ye.

maklum ada ramai orang istimewa di sini.. yang kelahirannya sangat disyukuri, maka setiap tahun kita ingati seadanya. 

when Dhia requested a party for her birthday... I was like.. eh budak ni... dah sekolah menengah pun nak party lagi?... but in my heart I was relieved.. bolehlah makcik pakai all the purple and turquoise party items bought online 'don't know for who' few months ago.

It was supposed to be a garden party.. where I can gantung those pom pom flowers. Yeahh you are right...that was the lemari yg Mr H nak boh pintu tu... I pinjam dululah.. hehehe ... sysss!
The moment I wanted to put a table for the cake... it rained... huhu.
Maka dengan sedih hati... kenalah pindah everthing under the roof.
 so the pom-pom and the lantern tak tahu nak sangkut mana..longgok je lah atas meja... kunun perhiasan untuk meja tu..

 She wanted to invite her classmates.. boys and it was just a small party. I didn't know what doorgift to buy for a 13 yo boys ... and didn't have much time to really look for last I only bought  doorgift for girls. I found a cute pen that matched the theme colours.Boys..uols makan jer lah ye....sorry! The lavender potpourri dolly was also a matched deco...apa sajerlah asal kaler masuk.. kita taruk jadi prop...heee.
 the party started at 4.30 pm.. so I thought I have ample time to prepare a lot of things...
and so I pursued... the things that I wanted to do
The birthday girl loves pavlova.. so I must make them.
I made the mini one with chocolate chips topping and the not so mini one with fruits..that was because the birthday girl has a sister who does not eat fruits!
I also made fudgy chocolate brownies and cheese tart ... this time we had a purple rose on top of the cheese tart.. of course kena ikut tema ...hihik
and guess what...I wanted to make a birthday cake on my own...but
that was not the deco I planned in my mind!... I wanted to make icing flowers on top.. besar sungguh cita-cita... of course tak menjadi..tengok kat youtube macam senang je kan..hahahha.
nasib baik standby siap-siap bunga beli kat kedai... adalah juga rupe kek... it was a purple and turquoise marble cake...
I managed to masak fusilli with lala as the main dish... one of Dhia's friends was being nice...asking me the recipe... sedap betul kot...hihihi.
The mini burger was a hit...hilang sekelip mata.
Dhia helped me to prepare her party and while doing that.. she said.. no more party for her after this one... I  thought she was tired ...haa serik ker kena tolong mama kat dapur, I asked her, penat ker?...nope... she said..I just felt awkward inviting my friends to come over... ohh she just realized she is in teen phase... and I suddenly rasa sayu...Ooo my girl sudah besar...
She even did not want to cut the cake.. she malu.. but itu tak jadi masalah...ada jer orang eager nak take over..huhu thank you Daneen..hihi.
But I hope she had a wonderful time with her best friend Aisya...
and the rest of her friends...
happy 13th birthday dear daughter...
for are always be my baby..



  1. wow sis sukanya tengok deko birthday party tu & yes rumah i pon ada almari putih tu tanpa drawer sebab dah rosak, beli di Ikea kan? hehe

  2. sangat sweet sy tak pernah buat majlis hari jadi ikut tema ni....inshaa Allah bulan 9 ni nak try buat tapi tema frozen.... =)

  3. Hemm ini yang I suka bila tengok your family. Party never overr hehe I ada anak 2 ni memang seronok plan and arrange walau penat tak apa sebab itu kenangan manis antara kita sekeluarga.


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