Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ice Cream Party for Merdeka girl.


Citer birthday Daneen. Saya nak buat party yang simple dan senang nak manage. With what was happening in the family at that time, arwah SIL was in ICU but stable and BIL battling with mysterious disease that later diagnosed as cancer. Future seems blank! every plan has to be reviewed considering their conditions and needs.

I had somehow promised a party for Daneen, it would not be fair for her to be sad on her birthday. 


Daneen of course sokmo asked about our plan for her birthday like a month before the day...siap pangkah kalendar bagai hihihi. So I thought a small party for her classmates would be nice and easy to handle. Ice cream party is like a DIY party where they can entertain themselves. 

How many classmates do you have? I asked her while preparing the invitation cards... I don't want to invite boys was her reaction... so only girls party of about 25 pax both from sekolah kafa and kebangsaan. 


Lucky her that the whole Malaysian will be on holiday celebrating Merdeka always her birthday celebrated on the day itself. The night before the party, back from work, littleladies and I only managed to make-up the cones... konon nak bake the cake etc-etc...but too tired...nampak bantal dok lambai-lambai hehehe.

The afternoon before the party day, BIL requested all family to gather at his house for a solat hajat...a sudden request that left me numb for a second... nasib baik the gathering was in the morning and Daneen's party was afternoon tea time party. But it has turned the party from a classmate affair to a family affair because during the gathering of course Mr H invited everyone. I did not panic when Mr H told me we will have more guests, as usual I always takut makanan tak cukup but always end up makanan lebih, so this time makanan isyaAllah cukup-cukup : )


Even with a hectic schedule, I wanted to bake the birthday cake on my own. I browsed through Pinterest and attracted to ice cream theme cake which nampak macam "boleh buat ni". And so the morning before the party, I had a shortage of one crew because Mr H had to attend the solat hajat, but thankfully the only big thing to prepare was the cake. The cake itself was a begar-begar recipe and due to time constraint, when altering this and that, I did not have much time to really measure the ingredients and regret it now as I'm writing this for not be able to share with you.


I am really grateful that I have 3 anak dara yang sporting and ringan tulang kalau tolong bab-bab party ni. Dhia and Ayra helped me to decorate the cake and later the party set-up... Daneen, since it was her birthday...cuma siapkan diri jer lah hehehe. Abang Rizq was back to Uni, so gone another potential crew. Little Aiz also wanted to participate... berjujuran air mata bila dilarang...hehehe. 


Alhamdulillah menjadi kek ... it was a chocolate cake with cheese and oreo fillings, decorated dengan ais krim terjatuh terus tertumpah :D


sebab menjadik... kenalah ambil gambar banyak sikit..


lagi satu ye.... ;D


The doorgift was the ice cream in the cup ...hehehe... the Peipeile? ... "alaaa this is not original Play Doh Mama" Aiz told me... sengih jer lah... as long as the little guests happy, that would do.

The party started at 3.30pm and we actually ready everything at about 2pm ... lepas tu rasa lamanya nak sampai tamu-tamu kecil ni...nasib baik ada family yang datang... bolehlah start makan ice cream sambil menyembang.

Really love the DIY concept where they can lavish  with whatever things they like to top the ice really occupied them and let us adults to have fun on our own.

We bought 6 tubs of ice cream but only 4 finished that day.

we made simple kids menu, all my kid's favorite menu, spaghetti Bolognese is the main dish ... kuah bolognese tu multipurpose, they put on top on hot dog to make it coney dog.


and eat with doritos as nachos... this one really win.

Kak Dhia was glad that Aqila came...adalah kawan sebaya...


The besar-besar enjoyed the ice creams...

The kecik-kecik lagilah... tak cukup mulut...sedut guna hidung hahaha.

we also on a cartoon movie at the guest room, so the kids can watch movie while eating... so syokkk sampai susah panggil nak suruh tiup lilin.

Awatlah susah nak padam lilin tu kakak?

Mari saya tolong ...hahaha padam terus!

This time I managed to make a pinata.

Because I found this big balloon at Mr DIY.

Supposed belon tu jadi big ice cream, but .. tak sempat nak fikir cara nak letak belon atas cone tu... hehehe.

Saya lupa nak tutup mata birthday girl... tapi tak de maknanya kalau bapak birthday girl yang tolong cubit belon bagi pecah...:p

They really had fun collecting candies...and I had fun watching them.

Apalah yang di gosip tu?

Sambil tunggu parents datang ambil... depa main Peipeile a.k.a play doh.

Begitulah berakhir cerita birthday Daneen yang ke 8.

Mama dan Papa harap Daneen happy... sihat dan ceria selalu... membesar menjadi anak solehah yang sentiasa dilindungi dan dirahmati Allah, berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat.

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  1. bertuah anak2 dapat super mom yg sangat2 sweet, creative, innovative, intelligence, smart dan seangkatan dengannya.

    Happy birthday Daneen, moga menjadi anak yg berjaya di dunia & akhirat. Ameeen.


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