Sunday, 20 May 2012

Take a break - Part 6

Children will belief whatever is told to them especially by their friends.... and children nowadays love to compare and also needs to keep up with the Jones...

Parents : Sometimes we have to take it easy.... and make jokes... 

Ayra told me one evening....

Ayra : Mama ada sorang kawan Ayra kat sekolah ni kaya sangat mama.... ayah dia nak buat istana...

Mama : Oh ye ke ? mama pun boleh buat istana, Ayra nak berapa?

Dhia : Istana pasir ke mama?

Mama : Ye ( Dhia ni  kacau daun joke mamalarrr )

Ayra : Ayra nak 100 mama...

Mama : ok

Ayra : Eh 900 lah ( she tried to challenge me!)

Mama : Eh boleh je

Ayra : Batu berlian lah

Mama : Apa kaitan lah pula, batu berlian apa?

Parents : Hint... we are talking numbers 

Mama : Ohhh... maksud Ayra billion-billion ye...kalau macam tu mama surrenderlah.... hehehe

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