Friday, 7 March 2014

A post without a picture...

I am a visual person... I love pictures more than texts
So my blog full with pictures
They were not  professional photos

It's not a photo  taken by a real camera...not even one
 just photos from my phone

But those pictures are special to me
The stories, the scenes, the things, the people
all so precious and of high value

I hope those pictures are not wrongly interpreted
I tell stories with good intent
It's just me, I'm not trying to pretend

There's something that I would like to share
But I wonder should I stop doing what I like
I enjoyed reading blogs, it has changed to a better me
and hope that my blog could do the same

I pray Allah to protect...
me from having a mazmumah heart 
For I just a human....I'm not perfect.

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