Friday, 28 December 2012

A date with Mr H ..

Agaknya Mr H lebih sayang kat saya lepas masak-masak tu..

Memanglah penat tapi I did enjoy doing something for the one I love .. For friends that I just get to be close with ..

For he and I had a date after office hour the next day, and the movie that I chose ..

I know that he did that because of me... because for him to watch breaking dawn part 2.. is so not him.. hahaha

Ye lah when women tell stories and men tell facts ( orang lelaki yang kata) .. Its hard for him to understand the story .. He did not even watch the first part..

So because it was a date ... Tak pe lah if I need to "tell stories" and do some explanations throughout the movie.. hehehe.

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  1. hi...salam perkenalan dan selamat tahun baru... menarik dan cantik blog u ni.. feel free visit my blog dan follow me.. tq

    1. Salam Azlin...
      Selamat thn baru to you too....tq sudi follow...I will jengok you nanti....


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