Thursday, 4 July 2013

Alternative treatment for slipped disc - Idet Injection

Mr H dok sakit belakang/pinggang for quite sometimes but last year dia sudah tidak tahan , pegi check up with specialist and confirmed ada slipped disc... the Dr suggested Streiod Injection and he took it last year but after 3 months the pain returned.. it is expected as this is only temporary pain killer.

Then the dr suggested surgery.... oppps... ada sedikit tidak berani... with the success rate of 50-60%... we think we should look for alternative treatment.

The Idet injection ni also with no proof /establishment for slip disc treatment but  success rate is higher at 70-80%. Lagi pun dia cucuk jer bukan potong ngan pisau... bolehla cuba.

Setahu kami, cuma ada 3 orang specialist on this treatment and he was reffered to specialist at KPJ Perdana KB.

the hospital... at the lobby

the ward...

The patient... yg nampak macam orang sihat je...
Lepas treatment it will take 2 weeks to 1 month for the body to react to it.... takat ni Mr H still dok rasa sakit lagi but sakit kaki macam dah kurang... hopefully it will cure him ... in sya Allah.

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