Monday, 30 December 2013

KFC Party for Ayra

On Ayra's birthday
Mama woke her up early
Mama wished her birthday
Told her today is her special day

In the morning, we filled our tummy
For a special girl, this roti canai is not ordinary
For it was extra crunchy
So yummy
 with delicious curry.

Mama took you for a hair do
For you have a party to go
Then may be you need a massage too.

Anything you wish girl...

A massage for you princess... ngehngeh... good eh?

Ada orang tumpang sekaki....

This hero ....terima kasiiiiih ( alley cat!!)
At last agreed to have a hair cut

Suddenly he looks so matured.... ohh I miss my baby...

Suprise suprise this girl wanted a short haircut...

As long as you're happy.... mama and papa are happy too.

After that we went to Mr DIY
Ayra wanted to get something for her guests

On top of what KFC had prepared...

Sweet gals

Ayra and Najwa..classmate and neighbour.

It was just a small party
A promise  to keep, to make her happy

Just mummy and family from mama's side

 And Cik Dah and family from papa's side...

Ohh we invited Iron Man too...hehe
Chicky theme was superheroes.

Eat first....

Borak-borak in between....

Then we play play...

Somebody just watched from afar.

Finally...bravely joint.

Sis, let her wins some... I'm so much in trouble see...its her birthday... Wink wink...

Nasib baik chicky gave goodies to everyone...err can I que too?
Macam best jer... macam comel jer

Free cake for chicky club member

Mama said it was my birthday....but why Ayra's name was on the cake?

Make a wish girl...oh I mean girls... huhu.

Mama papa wish Ayra jadi anak yang solehah... cemerlang dunia akhirat... sihat dan bahagia...mama and papa love you very much.

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